Packing the kitchen probably seems pretty stressful. Lots of breakables and tedious packing. It can be a lot easier if you plan ahead. This is why having a packing checklist comes in handy. If you already have all of your packing materials ready, packing up your kitchen isn’t too scary.

Pro Tip: Use packing paper when packing up dishes to prevent them from breaking inside the boxes.

To wrap the dishes, either wrap them individually or group them together by stacking them with a layer of packing paper in between each one. Make sure you use a couple of layers of packing paper to add some extra cushion.

Place the dish in the center of the packing paper and fold the paper inwards until the dish is fully wrapped. Bowls can be wrapped the same way. For cups, you can use the same method or use bubble wrap as long as it covers the entire item.

Pro tip: Place the dishes vertically inside the boxes instead of horizontally. You’ll save more space this way.

Before you start putting things in the box, create a cushy layer at the bottom of the box to prevent any breakage. You can do this by either crumbling up some packing paper or use packing peanuts or styrofoam. Do this between every later that you pack.

Label all of your boxes and separate items by category such as “appliances” or “tableware” to make them easier to unpack later. Wrap your utensils in one piece of wrapping paper and stuff it on the sides or empty pockets inside the boxes to save on space. 

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