Moving Checklist

How to Prepare for Your Next Move Checklist

1. Utilities:

  • Notify all utility companies of discontinuance of services effective day of move.
  • Contact destination utility companies (electricity, gas, water, cable, internet, phone) to set up connection of services, effective on the day of move.

2. Service Providers & Mail:

  • If applicable, give notice to your children’s school and request a transfer of records.
  • Notify the post office of your change of address.
  • Notify gardeners, pool cleaners, produce delivery, and any other regular services you will need to discontinue.
  • Notify alarm company.

3. Organize Preparations for Successful Packaging of All Household Goods:

  • Donate items you do not need to free up space and minimize the amount of packing you’ll need to do.
    Many organizations will gladly pick up larger donation items free of charge.
  • Preliminary cleaning and organizing can help ensure like items are boxed together.
  • Assign family members with specific tasks or specific rooms to ensure everyone pitches in.
  • Make the process fun by setting goals, playing music, ordering pizza or having movie night.
  • Have a designated area like a specific shelf or drawer for small, important items like keys, mobile phones, electronic devices and chargers, etcetera.
  • Rule of thumb: pack heavy items in small boxes, light items in larger boxes. Plan accordingly.

4. Bedrooms:

  • Wrap and pack all like items together using appropriately sized boxes according to the weight of your items. DO NOT use newspaper to wrap your items, as it can stain certain things like glass and ceramic.
  • Remember to set aside a box for bedding and last-minute items such as telephone, alarm clock, extension cords, etc.
  • Place items that need to remain accessible until the day of move on your bed. Ex: toothbrushes, a change of clothes, jackets, sunglasses.

5. Bathrooms:

  • For liquids, make sure lids are secure and leak-proof. If leakage is at all possible, place containers in an upright position and bag individually.
  • DO NOT pack any flammables such as rubbing alcohol, gasoline, fingernail-polish remover, aerosol cans, etc., and especially not BLEACH!
  • Set aside on top of bathroom counter items that are to remain off-limits until day of move.

6. Kitchen:

  • Place all canned goods in the smallest boxes available. This will make them easier to transport.
  • Remember: pack heavy items in small boxes, light items in larger boxes.
  • All glassware should be wrapped and placed upright in a padded dish pack. NEVER lay glassware FLAT!
  • Clearly label all boxes with general contents and location on the side of box.

7. Enjoy your move!

How to prepare for moving day:

Closet & Wardrobe Packing: