Pets are part of the family and moving to a different home can be especially stressful on them. Our pets have sometimes only lived in one place their whole lives, it’s all they know. It’s only normal that moving into a new place can make them nervous.

Moving day is slowly approaching, and just like you’re probably feeling a little anxious about it, so are your pets. Pets are very sensitive to our feelings and they know when something’s going on.

Here are some tips that’ll make moving with pets a little bit easier:

Have a safe space for your pets.

During the move, there will be a lot of people coming in and out of your house. Keep your pets safe by keeping them in a crate or kennel, or if possible, have them stay with a close friend or relative that they’re comfortable with.

This will also avoid any incidents with movers or workers coming in and out. Doors also tend to stay open on moving day, so making sure your pets are in a safe place will prevent them from getting out or getting lost.

Take them to the new house or apartment in your vehicle.

If your pet doesn’t do well in cars, this part might be particularly stressful for them. Provide a comfortable environment to transport them to their new home.

Take your cats or dogs with you in your vehicle to your new home instead of a moving truck. This might help make them feel a little more at ease during the transport.

Talk to your vet before your move.

Some pets are anxious by nature and moving can cause them great stress. Your vet knows your pet and can you give professional advice. A vet might recommend medication to help your pets with anxiety for moving day.

Positive reinforcement and patience.

Being in a whole new place can be overwhelming for cats and dogs. There are new smells, new sights, new animals nearby. Dogs might bark more than they used to, cats may meow louder than before or run around the house like a rocket. Make sure you give your pets lots of love and extra treats the first few days at the new place until they’re feeling a little more comfortable.

If you have a dog, take them on a lot of walks around the area so they can get familiarized with the new scents and new neighbors. Always keep your dog on a leash and keep a close eye on their behavior.

Update their info!

Lastly, make sure all of their information is up to date on their collar or microchip in case of any accidents. Update the pet’s records with their veterinarian so that they know your new address.

If you’re moving out of state, ask for a recommendation for a new vet and a copy of your pet’s vaccines and medical history.

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